Where To Get Food (Esp. For Late At Night)

Has it ever so happened that you're camped out in Duffield/Phillips Labs/Upson Hall etc. late at night, you're hungry, you'd like to get something to eat, but at the same time, you really don't feel like a multihour excursion to find food? Below is a list that should help: easy to get food that is either in (reasonably) easy walking distance, or that it can be delivered to Upson hall.

Note that nothing on this page should be taken as an endorsement of any of these options.

The vending machines
Next to Mattins in Duffield Hall are classic favorites: drinks, food (chips, pretzels, etc), quick and easy access. And the really nice thing about them is that they're open 24-7 (since Duffield isn't locked). There's also a couple of vending machines in Hollister (in the basement, south of the auditorium)

Meal Plan:

If you're signed up for meal plan, you might want to know the schedule. For those of you late night binge programming in those cozy Duffield alcoves, Mattins is open until 10pm, but beware, weekends are a no-go.

ACSU Events
The ACSU has a time-honored tradition of serving Free Food at it's events, especially at the Company Info Sessions, in which companies that are looking to recruit technically-minded people (read: computer junkies) for excellent jobs. These Info sessions are free and open to anyone and everyone who wants to attend, making them an excellent source of sustenence, both in the short term ("What do I eat tonight?"), and in the long term ("What will get me food when I graduate?"). Free food ranges from Dim sum to Pizza to Thai, so take your pick.

Louie's Lunch
On North Campus. It's a hike from the Engineering Quad, but open late. Since it parks across from Risley, it's probably easier to get something on your way back to your North campus residence than to walk there and then back to the Eng. Quad

Hot Truck
On West Campus. It appears late at night on road just west (ie, downhill) of Noyes. Hot truck tends to be open late, and isn't unreasonably far from the Engineering Quad. You get food and exercise, two in one. (The hill is good for the calves).

Since these shops tend to cater to students, and there are at least a couple shops that are open until the wee hours of the night.. There isn't a complete list of what's there, and since it's just over the footbridge (i.e., less than 2 minutes slow walk from Upson), the best thing to do is simply wander over and look for something you like. There's more stuff than what's below, but you get the idea -- wander around and satisfy those cravings!

CollegeTown Bagels (open till 2:00am daily)

The Nines (open till 1:00am, and it will deliver if you're farther away)(pizza,etc)



Wings over Ithaca

Collegetown Pizza



Dunkin' Donuts

Food You Can Get Delivered
I've heard that there used to be a page for "Food By Phone" web page somewhere in the Cornell Web, but I haven't been able to find it. When I checked out the yellow pages and called around, here's what I found: (Note that anything open past midnight is highlit).
Name Hours Phone Number

Big Al's Pizza

Till midnight on weekedays, till 1am on Weekends (Fri,Sat)

272 - 3448

D.P. Dough

S,M,T,W: 11am-2am, Th,F,S:11am-3am

277 - 7772

Domino's Pizza


257-4111, or



11am to 10pm weekdays, 11am-midnight Fri, Sat


Geppetto's Pizzeria

Till 3am


Gino's New York Pizzeria

Open till 2am


Hal's Delicatessen

Open till 8pm, 9pm on Fri, Sat


The Nines

Open till 1am, located in CollegeTown

(CollegeTown Ave.)

Napoli Pizza

Sun-Thurs: 11am till 1pm, open till 2am on Fri, Sat


Pizza Hut

About Midnight (?)


Pudgie's Pizza

Mon-Thurs:11pm, Fri/Sat: 11am - 1am

272-7600, or


Rogan's Pizza

6:30am till 1:30am for delivery, but it stays open till 2am.


Roma Pizzeria

11am till 11pm Sun-Thurs, open till midnight on Fri/Sat


Sal's Pizzeria

11am till 11 pm